Ayumi – Eternal Summer

Ayumi – Eternal Summer (May 5th, 2009)
Line Communications / I-One
Catalog # – LCDV-40373 – Region 2 Disc – 16:9 Aspect
Running Time: 79 Minutes

The Skinny: This one is the follow-up DVD to Summer Jewel which was released in August of 2008. I did a post here in The Arts for that video about a month ago. That article got a lot of views, so I decided to bring in another Ayumi DVD for a new review. Prior to these two videos, Ayumi released two for Liverpool Productions in 2006. I don’t know why she took two years off between videos, but it is likely real life intervened. Rather than speculating further about what Ayumi does with her time, let’s talk about the results of spending your time watching this gem of a gravure idol DVD.

Gravure Idol videos usually involve a tropical beach, many, many bikinis, and of course a beautiful girl. They’re never lewd, and never nude – although with certainty, I can say that the envelope is often pushed in those directions.

After a rather upbeat and spirited montage, we find Ayumi on a beach. She’ll spend this scene in an active mode, and while the beach is deserted, if they had chosen to publicize that an Ayumi video shoot was going to happen on a specific day – the beach would have been mobbed.

The second of the main chapters also involves a bikini, but this time we are back inside the hotel. Our lovely model is no less energetic, but she has to work in a much smaller space, so her motion is limited to a rattan basket chair and the bed.

Three begins and we’re back on the beach. This time Ayumi goes into the water before finding some shelter from the sun. There’s a small amount of chatting between Ayumi and the camera man and in between she’ll dazzle us with some of her electric mega-watt smiles.

Four finds Ayumi laying on her back. The camera will point at various body parts like her hands, feet, tummy, shoulders, thigh etc. They employs cuts rather than pan shots. We will see a few droplets of water fall to each part of her body that is shown. Very artistic and done superbly. It’s proof that the crew is creative and that Ayumi can lie still, what’s more – she has beautiful skin.

Following this chapter, Ayumi heads for the pool. She’s by the pool, in the pool, besides the pool, and ultimately takes a poolside shower. That’s a very neat and unusual bathing suit, wouldn’t you agree?

At this point, we are about 30 minutes into the video, and so far we’ve had not one scene that was anything less than superb.

As the next scene begins, there’s Ayumi in a magnificent red beach ensemble.  She’s just ashore and is making her way amid the coastal rock formations. Check out the mid/long shot above, and then, the two closer shots . Simply stunning.

Ayumi shows us some impressive dance movements in the next scene. Too bad they did this in a hallway.

Don’t worry – we’re back to nature in the next chapter. Ayumi sports an electric blue bikini as she stands beneath a magnificent waterfall. Some how she manages to improve on one of Mother Nature’s finest creations.

The one flaw in this scene was that on occasion, like a moth to a flame, the cameraman got too close to the falling water and a few water drops found their way onto his lens.

Speaking of falling water, in the next chapter, Ayumi is yet again beneath water falling – this time it is another bath tub shower sequence. Ayumi has all the control she needs as she has a hand-held shower head in play.

After the shower, Ayumi relaxes for a bit, then she’ll prepare for a seduction scene. She’ll dress in some black leather, stockings, gloves to the elbows, make-up, and do everything she can to look the part of a seductress. We won’t see anyone seduced, except maybe ourselves. While she looks good, I thought this scene was sort of out of step with the rest of the video.

About 15 minutes remain at this point. The next scene will amaze you. Talk about your beautiful color – you won’t find anything that will top this one. Check out the long-range shot above. And the shorter range below.

Sadly that magnificent blue sky didn’t last out the whole scene which was finished in the swimming pool under a direct lighting source. The credits roll past next and this is the end of the main chapters. We noticed a credit for the JWB Resort which is in Cebu, in the Philippines, so there is the ‘tropical beach’ location.

There is a six-minute bonus chapter which is behind the scenes footage and Ayumi is not only great looking but she’s also a lively person with a sparkling personality.The video closes with a last look at the waterfall we saw earlier.

Summary: Just a wonderful video. There’s not really anything to seriously complain about. I love the model and I loved the video. Four point seven five is the score and special kudos to I-One, Director & Video Editor Naohiko Nakamura, and of course, our lovely model Ayumi for their work.