The Actress Who Never Was or The Mysterious Case of Aya Takanashi

The Actress Who Never Was or The Mysterious Case of Aya Takanashi: Recognize the Name? Probably not. Most movie resources only show one film on her resume. You will be hard-pressed to find anything at all about her besides this one film. [Edit: Some additional facts have been discovered by people more willing to do research since I wrote this in the fall of 2009. These facts were not uncovered by me. So thanks are due to the readers. Find these in the comments section. Thank you.]

There are lots of listings which present her bare-bones mini biography. Aya was born in Chiba, Japan, in 1963. That would make her about 52 right now (Edited 062815 for age). She acted in a featured role in a movie made in 1992 when she was just 29. She’s 5′ 2 1/2″ inches tall. Now you have what has been called her bio in a trusted web source called IMDB – The Internet Movie Data Base.

Rotten Tomatoes which is another very good movie resource lists her in one movie but shows 0 Photos and 0 Trailers for her.

Not only that, I was unable to find even a single image of her on the Web. It’s like she never existed except for being cast as Tom Selleck’s love interest in the 1992 film, Mr. Baseball.

While the movie Mr. Baseball was never going to win any awards for acting for Tom Selleck, Dennis Haysbert, Ken Takakura, or Ms Aya Takanashi, or even for Director Fred Schepisi, it could be called, at minimum, an entertaining baseball movie.

Selleck’s career peaked after 162 episodes of Magnum, P.I. which ran from 1980 to 1988. This movie followed four years later. Dennis Haysbert is best known for his role as President Palmer on the 24 Series and as the spokesman for The Good Hands people, All State Insurance.

Ken Takakura was a big movie star in Japan for many years. His first credited role was way back in 1956. Now 78 years old, Takakura again came to international notice in Ridley Scott’s Black Rain in 1989. At that time, Takakura had already made more than 125 movies. He has long been known as the Japanese Clint Eastwood.

But what of Aya Takanashi? She has only this one film to her credit. I could  not find any pictures of her on Google. Not one of the main movie resources had anything more than scant info on her.

Okay, why was I even thinking of her?

Well I wasn’t. But last week the New York Yankees won the 2009 World Series of baseball. The MVP of the World Series was the Yankees’ Japanese star Hideki Matsui. Before joining the Yankees in 2003, Matsui had a lengthy baseball career in Japan. Known for his awesome hitting, in Japan, Matsui was called Godzilla.

 And that made me think of Selleck’s movie, Mr. Baseball because the  tagline for that film was, “He’s the biggest thing to hit Japan since Godzilla!

So I started to read some old reviews of the film, and then I decided to see what I could find on Aya Takanashi.

What I turned up about her was next to nothing. She did not have a career in the movies. There were no pictures of her to be found on the internet. I wondered why.

Needless to say – I have no real answers. All that I was able to find was unsubstantiated rumors and suppositions. Some say that the Japanese were offended by the film. At least in the beginning of the film, the Japanese were portrayed as being a humorless bunch, that were tied into following the concept of team harmony even when it was detrimental to the team. Of course generalizations about any country’s citizens are frivolous and should not be taken seriously.

Others have said that the Japanese were offended by the fact that Takanashi’s character, Hiroko, slept with Selleck’s character, Jack Elliot, without the formality of a courtship and marriage. Or even worse, that she portrayed a Japanese woman who had a sexual relationship with a foreigner (gaijin).

Obviously I am not telling anyone that Japanese should or should not be offended. I will reach no conclusions whatsoever on whether this sports movie was or was not offensive.

But either way, Aya Takenashi never worked again in either Hollywood, or in Japanese movies or Japanese television. Her career began and ended with just this one single movie. Was she black-listed? Did the powers that be decide to never employ her again for this ‘transgression’?

I have no answers to those questions. Like many of you who remember the film, I am mystified as to why we never saw Aya Takanashi again. Unless Mr. Schepisi, Mr. Selleck, or Aya Takanashi herself offers us an answer, we will all remain in the dark as to what really happened to this actress’s career.

There’s not much I can do about it, is there? But I can do one thing – this post will provide some images of Aya Takanashi from her role as Hiroko Uchiyama which up to now, have not been readily available anywhere.

EDIT: September 2nd 2010: – According to reader Scott who has provided links in his comments (see below),  Aya worked in the 90’s in a number of Japanese roles. So she’s not so much of a mystery women after all. Unless there was another actress back then with the same name. Thank you Scott.

60 thoughts on “The Actress Who Never Was or The Mysterious Case of Aya Takanashi

  1. Wow. I just searched not only in English but also in French. Quite right. Not even a photo! Nor a fan, nor the most basic of information – only the question asked in a few forums. How sad.

  2. I too share the bewilderment over what seems to be a curiously absent media presence for an actress that in my opinion deserves at least silver stardom.

    I loved her performance as well as perhaps one of best looking Japanese women alive today. If Ms. Takanashi has been “blacklisted” by some wealthly yet intelligence challeneged entity, may they burn in hell for it…

  3. Hi people , thank you for the comments. People come and go in the entertainment field. Actresses marry and have children, or worse. But one would think that somewhere there are answers to these questions. If Takanashi-san is enjoying life wherever she is, that’s fine, and we are happy for her.

    But I think the question of what happened to her career can certainly be raised by this blogger and in the minds of those who have read this post.


  4. I had read online that her homeland people were not happy with her getting nailed by an american and that she did “love” scenes with Selleck, so she retired and slipped back into obscurity.
    Shame I liked her, and would have liked to see her more!

  5. Thanks for the comment Rocky – it wasn’t really a love scene . He was in the bath she climbed into the tub. Her nudity was implied not visual. After that it was implied that they were living together. But there were no loves scenes in the film.

    Off stage? I can’t say –

    I also can’t say if she retired from her career in films on her own terms, or enough doors were closed to her, that she had no choice.

    As I said in the review, it was unsubstantiated as to what really happened. All we have is supposition and rumor. That why I called it a mystery.

    Thanks for your readership.


  6. I’m so glad the photos of Miss Takanashi were printed. I’m truly sad that for whatever reason she is /was, unable to continue her career.
    I’d like to state I lived in Japan some 24 years and have been married to my Japanese wife 49 years this year. I thought this young lady portrayed her character as sensitive, intelligent and
    quite attractive particularly so in contrast to the boring, heavy handed character of ballplayer Elliot, who she had to draw out to better define him in the film. I was truly impressed by her abilitys as an actress. I thought her character portrayed a favorable image of modern Japanese women.
    I’m dissapointed and saddened by the way she seems to have been (forced?) dropped from sight. I can only hope that the circumstances aren’t as dire as I believe, and that the mystery
    of what happened will be resolved with something of a happy ending.

  7. Thanks for the response Mike Turner. Well, maybe she prefers her obscurity at this time, and for her, that is a happy ending.

    But from my perspective, there have been a lot of views for this particular post. And just maybe Aya Takenashi has seen or read this post and is pleased that some people have taken an interest in her.

  8. i just watched mr baseball again, and wandered over to the computer, wondering if aya was in anything else…dont they have intelius or something equal to locate her? i am curious as to what happened as well…would make a great story for film i am sure. loved her in this role…

  9. I checked online in Japanese wiki/google and I saw that she was in a 2 part Japanese “direct-to-video” movie based of a manga (Japanese comic) called: Wangan Midnight Final: GT-R Legend – Act 1 and Wangan Midnight Final: GT-R Legend – Act 2 in 1994.

    Aside from that I can not find anything else about her. I think it’s possible she may have changed her name as an actress.

  10. Thanks for the comment danny z – you’re right – aya’s story is compelling.

    and to the mysterious K – who found an additional credit for Aya Takanshi. Thanks for bringing to my attention and for posting this snippet of info. I am sure there are many who will be able to follow that trail. I wouldn’t have EVER found it as I can not read Japanese.


  11. I just happened to finish watching Mr. Baseball again on one the HBO channels and was once again intrigued by this beautiful actress.Shocked to learn that this was her only film, I thought she did a marvelous job in the counterpoint role opposite Selleck.I only hope that she is well and enjoying life in whatever
    fashion she choses.

  12. I too enjoyed the film and her performance and charm. I may be mistaken but I thought I saw her as an extra in the 1993 Ang Lee movie, Wedding Banquet, which would have been around the time she made Mr. Baseball. Some wedding guests are causing some mischief at the hotel where the banquet is held and I think she was in a scene or two.
    Not 100% sure but her beauty would be hard to mistake.

    • Wow, now that’s what I call observant. I guess I’ll have to try and track down The Wedding Banquet. I hope that Netflix has this one available for a rental.

      Will be happy if I can report that you are right — !

      Thanks for the comment and the readership.

  13. There is an Aya Takanashi listed as living in Los Angeles but I don’t know if she is the same one.
    As an ex semi-pro baseball player I loved Mr. Baseball. Sure, the acting didn’t win any Oscars but I thought that Aya’s acting was by far the best in the movie.
    Beautiful, articulate, funny, what more can you say. I for one would love to see her career get resurrected. She was beautiful back then and I’m sure that she’s even more gorgeous now.

  14. Unlike a lot of people, I think “Mr. Baseball” is one of the most realistic movies about the sport ever made. Tom Selleck’s character is spot-on as a former major leaguer who goes to Japan thinking he’s above their level of play, and the way baseball in Japan is portrayed tells me whoever wrote the screenplay has either read Robert Whiting’s great books on baseball there or talked at length to gaijin who played there (it was great to see guys who HAD done so like Leron Lee, John Sipin and Brad “The Animal” Lesley in the movie).

    Now, after all that, about Aya Takanashi: I generally don’t get into “love interest” angles in sports movies (to me, Susan Sarandon was a distraction in “Bull Durham”), but I was totally taken by Aya’s beauty and the way she carried herself in the film. She made her part WORK because she didn’t play her character over-the-top like an eastern Annie Savoy. My wife, who is no fan of baseball movies, loves this one.

    Count me as one more gaijin who is a big fan of Aya Takanashi. It’s too bad she wasn’t in more movies than this one…I’d sure watch.

  15. My honest opinion,she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen,in my life.
    It’s a shame her career was so short.
    And I wish I knew why it ended so quick.
    Might sound strange but I’ve seen “Mr Baseball” at least 20 times,just to look at her.
    And the movie is funny.

  16. Another possibility is that with her beauty, she met and married someone who wanted her out of the public eye and she chose not to pursue an acting career.

  17. Of course marriage is a possibility. Even a marriage where her husband wanted her out of the public eye.

    I’m not saying that your premise is not possible. Indian actress Kajol, whose popularity in India was enormous, married and didn’t make a film appearance for five years. But she has returned to the screen and works regularly now.

    Actors and actresses like the spotlight. And for Aya Takanashi to just vanish from the public eye is indeed a mystery.

    Admittedly, I don’t have the answer. I’m just asking…

  18. I just came across this blog probably like anyone of the commenters looking for Aya Takanashi on Google because IMDB has her only in Mr. Baseball (which is quite entertaining IMO). I just may be able to provide you guys with a small piece of information; unfortunately it’s not THAT big of a deal, but AFAIK in asia (at least in China I know for sure) it is very common for women to drop out of the show business after marriage.

    On good example on this is Pei-pei Cheng, an asian action star who was in quite a few eastern action films until the early 1970s (classic asia action movies such as “The Shadow Whip” – check out her profile on IMDB). She then dropped out for about 16 years making only a few movies during that time (again, check out IMDB) because of her marriage. She got famous again (and in western main cinema for the first time) due to the role of Jade Fox in Ang Lee’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” in 2000 and is since more active again.

    I think this is a major probability why Aya has disappeared form the screen. Of course it is also quite possible that she was turned down for her romantic scenes with Tim Selleck, as there are many other possibilities on that. Let’s just hope and pray for her being well.

    BTW, anyone already found out yet about that mentioned role as an extra in the 1993 Ang Lee movie “Wedding Banquet”, as mentioned above by Dan Delaney?

  19. Thanks Christian for your comments – Of course marriage is a possibility (likely) and it is also possible that Aya and her family just made a decision after marriage to just walk away from the entertainment industry (possibly likely)

    After reading the comment by Mr. Delaney, I specifically rented The Wedding Banquet and even did a review of it. But unless Aya was in New York, how did she come to be in the picture? In any event I cannot say conclusively that she is NOT in The Wedding Banquet. Nor can I say that she is.

    Maybe another rental is on order…


  20. I rented this film in Tokyo in 1999 and watched it with my Japanese girlfriend. Sad to say, she had never seen or heard of the actress before…a telling comment, coming from a native Tokyoite. Odds are great her acting career never took off and her life went in another direction. I lived in Tokyo for 11 years (her hometown of Chiba borders Tokyo and is the site of Tokyo Disneyland and Narita Int’l Airport), and not once did I see her on the train — I definitely would have recognized this beauty! LOL.

  21. I was wondering what happened to her also when I stumbled upon this blog, and I find it awesome that other people have the same wonders that I did.

    One question I had was that if it was indeed the Japanese media/public’s opinion of her that blackballed her from acting in Japan, shouldn’t that not matter that much since Mr. Baseball was an American film directed by an Australian. So her connections to American media would allow her to continue doing movies in America. Just a thought, I could be totally wrong.

  22. Jonathan – thanks for the comments.

    You could be right, or wrong., No one knows.
    Not one party who might shed light on the situation has responded. The only comments we have are from people like ourselves who are still wondering what ever happened.


  23. Take this with a grain of salt. I had once talked about this actress with my Japanese teacher. If I remember correctly, she said that the actress went under a different name in Japan. The actress is well known there if not famous. It is not uncommon for Asian actors/actresses to have different names in one country vs. their home. That’s all I know. I’m curious as well, but such is life. The only sure way to find out is to contact the talent agency used for “Mr. Baseball” and see if they could give more information. Mind you that might require some out of the box thinking to get.

  24. After reading these posts, and seeing how good of an acting job she did, one thinks that she surely has had a long history of acting.
    You just don’t see an actor/actress pop up, be the lead female in a movie with zero experience with no history of the name she went by.
    She has to go under a different name in Japan. That would make sense and put the “mystery” to rest.
    Having said that, someone find a Japanese person and show them a picture of her from this blog.

  25. As I wrote above, I watched this movie in 1999 in Tokyo with my girlfriend — a native of Tokyo — and she was as clueless as I was about the identity of the actress. She had never seen or heard of her. Darn!

  26. I’m just watching Mr Baseball again now. It’s sad she hasn’t been in more films. She was very good in a somewhat mediocre movie. Hopefully she googles herself and decides to act in the US. Thanks, jmm.

    • Umm, I think not – not close in my opinion.

      Nanako would have been 19 in 1992 when the picture was made. She was born, according to the records in 1973. Hiroko looked far older than 19 in the film.. Besides that I don’t think they look anything alike.


  27. I have to admit, I haven’t heard of this woman, and I was big on Japanese culture for a long time. Not so much anymore.

    Maybe she just wasn’t in the right place at the right time for Japanese film and TV. Shame, but it happens. She is very beautiful, though.

  28. Hi – I haven’t read all the posts in this thread, but I have done what most of you have, and that is look for more information on the actress Aya Takanashi, after watching her charming performance in Mr. Baseball. And it does appear that she was “one and done” after this film. I remember reading an article years ago that suggested that she was “blackballed” from the Japanese movie industry because of her love scene with a westerner in this film. There appeared to be an unstated prejudice against this kind of thing back then (early 90’s), I wonder if anyone can confirm or challenge this theory.

    I thought of this recently as I encountered another example of an up-and-coming Japanese actress whose career came to an abrupt end following a role that included a love scene with an American man. This obscure 1987 film was called “Captive Hearts” and the actress was Mari Sato. This film starred Pat Morita, and the story was about a WW II Pilot shot down over a remote area of Japan, who falls in love with a Japanese widow in the rural village that he was held captive in. The movie was not nearly as successful commercially as Mr. Baseball, but it appears that while Mari Sato had a few roles prior to this film, it appears she was done

    So again I wonder, was there (or is there still) an unwritten rule against love scenes (no matter how mild or innocently depicted) between Japanese actresses and Non-Japanese actors? Does the Japanese movie-going public react negatively to these kinds of stories ? Are there other actresses that met the same consequences as Ms. Takanashi and Ms. Sato?

  29. One more comment ,,, now that I took the time to read some of the posts here… some of you have commented that you’ve watched Mr. Baseball with your Japanese GF or significant other (I’ve been married 17 years to my Japanese GF 🙂 ) that they have never heard of Aya Takanashi. I think this is not surprising given how fickle the Japanese pop-culture scene is, with idol singers, and the like whose stardom is fleeting.

    It’s always puzzled me that Ms. Takanashi never took her craft here to Hollywood given her talent, striking beauty, and excellent command of English. It would seem that there would have been roles here for her if she wanted them.

  30. I found a Japanese site called Spysee that tracks the careers of various people in the media. According to them, she also was in three TV series, all on Tokyo Broadcasting Service (TBS): スチュワーデス物語, 過去から来た女, 織田信長 (Stewardess Story, Woman from the Past, and Oda Nobunaga). No information was given on when these aired, so they have been before or after Mr. Baseball.

    The ‘breaking taboos by depicting sleeping with a gaijin’ angle doesn’t seem that likely, since by 1992 there were enough foreigners living in Japan that international relationships (particularly with westerners) were almost mundane.

    Being shown sleeping with someone ‘without the formality of a courtship and marriage” seems even less likely to scandalize Japanese audiences, IMO. Not having an Abrahamic religious tradition, sexual taboos are on a completely different axis than in the West (Buddhism doesn’t say much about sex other than warning not to get fixated on it, while Shinto, being farming, nature and fertility-oriented, is generally all for it). Casual sex among adults seems to be a non-issue, with the general assumption being that of course people are going to have sex with different partners before they get married. Also, keep in mind that Mr. Baseball’s PG-rated sex scenes would have seemed charmingly tame; softcore porn with full nudity (minus the pubic hair, of course) was a regular fixture on Japanese late-evening broadcast TV at the time (sadly, TV has turned much more prudish over the past decade).

    It’s odd that Takanashi didn’t do much more, especially considering how other Japanese celebrities of that era played up any bit of exposure they got in ‘Hollywood’. Comedian Takaaki Ishibashi frequently used to claim he was a Hollywood star for his role in ‘Major League 2’ (he’s gotten over it), and pop idol Seiko Matsuda made a huge deal over starring in a Fox TV movie as a psycho surrogate mom, and later for her bit part in ‘Armageddon’ (“I want to go shopping!” *boom*).

    If I had to make a guess based on the careers of other celebrities in Japan, either something happened behind the scenes to sour the relationship with her talent agency (Neojaponisme has an excellent, if long, expose’ of the Japanese talent agency system: ), or she simply decided she didn’t want to act anymore.

    • Thank you for the lengthy comment Sublight Monster. The references in my column about ‘breaking taboos by sleeping with a foreigner were not my opinions – but are what I was able to find on the internet. And they were offered as opinions found not as fact. I did say that all I found were unsubstantiated rumors and suppositions.

      Your remarks do put a more contemporary focus on the the perceptions of how the film may have been received in Japan. I appreciated that you took the time to dig up some additional info.

      Maybe I will look into finding out something about those three series that you named.


  31. While casual sex with Gajin’s isn’t out of the ordinary, what I really found to be a bit unbelievable was how Uchiyama (The manager of the team) didn’t seem to mind that his daughter was dating a Gaijin, nor the grandparents who seemed to be traditional Japanese. Ken Takakura who is a star in Japan played her father in the movie and if he approved of his daughters relationship with the Gaijin why would the Japanese public would have turned on Takanashi for her role.

    She was great in this movie, and I too find it incredible that she did not pursue a farther career in a Hollywood. After the abomination of the miscasting of chinese actresses as geisha’s in “Memoirs of a geisha” it is apparent that there is a huge need of english speaking Japanese in hollywood. Aya Takanashi should have had a role in that movie!

  32. Interesting article. I`ve lived in Japan for over a decade and can confirm that the blacklisted for breaking a taboo angle is completely off the mark. Maybe in the 1930s but certainly not in the 1990s.

    Interestingly looking up her name in Japanese (高梨亜矢) turns up a similar thread on Yahoo Answers by a Japanese person asking the same question: whatever happened to this Aya Takanashi who appeared in Mr. Baseball? The answer is that she did appear in a few things following Mr. Baseball but nothing since 1999, leading to the conclusion that she must have retired from show business:

    That is a great movie BTW. One of my favorite sports films AND one of my favorite American films about Japan. It captures the look and feel of a Japanese baseball game brilliantly.

    • Thank you Sean.

      I wrote this back in 2009 and I am amazed that people are still reading it. I never wrote that a ‘blacklisting’ of Takanashi was fact. I wrote that it was just another guess or supposition.

      I am entirely happy if Takanashi married, had kids, and left show business. That would certainly be a very believable conclusion to the mystery.


  33. The film, ‘Mr. Baseball’, was made over 20 yrs ago. I, too, was very captivated by Ms. Takanashi’s beauty & charm and I’ve always wondered what ever happened to her. I wish the best for her. Thx, JMM, for a very interesting topic.

  34. I met Aya Takanashi in 2005 while in Japan on business. She is co-owner of an upscale bar in Hokaido. She does some voice-over work in Japan and is married to a banker. (as of 5/2005) We talked about Mr. Baseball and she said she is often recognized by American tourists.

      • Yes, Dave. Awesome if true. But needs some kind of proof. I mean, why Hokkaido first of all. And Johno1, it dang sure looks like her.
        Thanks for this post justmemike. It was a fun read.

  35. I think Aya had other bit parts in American films. She is in a funeral scene in The Little Big League movie in 1994. I am like everybody else here. After Mr. baseball I wanted to see more of her.

  36. I was in Japan a few years back, in Hokaido. I was on business and happened to stop in a local bar and there she was, talking with customers. I recognized her right away. She is co-owner of the bar, is married, has kids and only does some sporadic voice-over work, now.

    • That’s great news.

      I guess not everyone is cut out to be, or wants to be an actress. If you ever return to Hokaido, hopefully you can show her this page, and snap a photo of her. Thanks for the comment.

    • Do you remember the name of the bar where you met her?
      I will go to that place and talk about this page to take a photo of her.
      At least you should remember the name of the city, was that Susukino- Sapporo, or else? Thanks.

  37. So glad for your post Mike! I’m another admirer who came looking for Ms. Aya Takanashi after watching Mr. Baseball. As others have said she was charming in the movie. And I believe her look is different and uniquely beautiful.

  38. I am one of her’s fan .I am Japanese.But i cant get information… I want to get more information about she . I want to know bar’s name. Please help me…(>_<)

    • Welcome Yuuya to the list of Aya’s admirers. She did play in other American films but minor parts. She was in the movie Mr. Big League although not listed in the credits. She can be seen in the bro up of mourners in the funeral seen. Also she is in the audience at some of the ball games. She reportedly co-owns a bar in Hokaido & is married with children. If yiu are in Japan I would start with a beer there.
      Lots of luck. Aya had great untouched talents.

      • You are very correct that the American film Aya is known for is Mr. Baseball. But she stared in others in small parts. Sometimes not even listed on the credits. She is in the movie Mr. Big League as a stand in. If you get a chance to see that movie she is one of the mourners at the grave site scenes. No speaking parts in that movie just an extra. I have the picture of her in that movie.
        Happy New Year also.

      • Bob – I stand corrected as I had no prior knowledge of Mr. Big League film. I’ve not known of it before your reply.
        If you have a link to that photo, possibly it can be posted in a follow-up reply. I’m sure many readers, including myself, would be pleased.

  39. Well, it’s August 2016 and this resident of Lagos, Nigeria, came in search of information about her other work after seeing “Mr. Baseball” on cable tv. I wish her the very best.

  40. Hi,

    I just watched Mr. Baseball on DSTV here in Namibia. I really admire how Mrs. Takanashi portrayed her character. Tom Selleck was funny too. I wish there were more pictures available.

  41. Same story as everyone else; surfing the web & googling this intriguing woman led me here. I was drawn to her characters tranquility and serenity. I hear other people say that the acting in this phone wasn’t great, but I found it agreeable. The sun was fun, entertaining and isn’t that what it’s all about? I have to leave us with an idea or two, a new facet for our philosophy? Accept. 😸
    Thank you everyone who brought us Mr. Baseball, and thank you especially miss Takanashi, for adding beauty and grace to an otherwise juvenile romp.

    • Whatever her real name is – that is besides the point. As is her nationality. The actress who performed in the film was listed in the credits as Aya Takanashi.
      It is that name which yielded no results. Since I wrote the article more info has come to light.

      Your references about real name or nationality are valid questions but do not clear up the original question of what ever happened to her?

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