A Room With a View

When you wake up, you never know what you’ll read about in the papers. Or maybe you will given the immediacy of today’s digital world. The headlines change day to day but the news is always similar. Politician X was caught in a scandal. President O has a challenge facing him in Congress. Dozens killed in explosions by terrorists. Your favorite baseball team lost in the division playoffs, or the league championship, or the World Series. And so forth.

But when you travel, often, depending on availability and the size of your travel budget, you can make certain you like what you see when you look out your window. A room with a view is so important to many, and desirable to you when you travel. Hotels charge a premium for a view or a high floor. Everyone would prefer a high floor with a river view, or a park view, or a view that opens on a famed site like a Cathedral, or a Tower, or even the harbor. Can’t afford one? You might have to stay in a lower floor, with a view of the back of a laundro-mat.

Then again, you can always read The Arts. Have a look at some views from windows around the world, speaking cinematically of course.

The park view (above), alongside the Arno River is set in Florence, Italy and is from Calmi, Cuori, Apassionati. The star-crossed lovers have a reunion after 10 years apart. They meet at the top of the Duomo in Florence. Strictly speaking, that’s not a view you can get from any room in the city. That one was done with a helicopter so we’ll NOT show it to you here.


Above is a view of The Duomo in Florence from a room, from the movie, coincidentally entitled, A Room with a View.

The green rolling hillsides in Tuscany are from Under The Tuscan Sun, as is the Italian coastal view. This movie starred the luscious Diane Lane.

The local church spire is in Paris, France from the film Le Divorce, with Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts.

And our last window view is of the island-drenched seacoast in Hong Kong from the film My Left Eye Sees Ghosts – that’s Hong Kong movie star Sammi Cheng in motion above, looking lovely, and finally, that’s her adorning the movie poster below.

11RWAVsammi_01If flying a long way for a view is not your cup of tea, and you’d rather not hand over grand sums of money to some hotelier, then visit our pages often for absolutely stunning views. Our specialty is  to show you not only some inspiring cityscapes, or the countrysides outside your window but also, we offer wonderful views of some gorgeous and delightful women in those places. Do drop in – reservations not required.



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