Emi Kobayashi – Alii

3.5001ssbx-2191I know. It’s a tough word. And in reality, Alii, has its roots in Hawaii. According to Wikipedia, alii is a term generally relating to a chieftan, or ruler, of the highest class in Hawaiian society. It has been stretched to include Lord or Lady. So much for the intellectual properties of the title of the video. The DVD stars the lovely Emi Kobayashi – and while she doesn’t have her own entry in Wikipedia at this time, she is a wonderful Gravure idol, and she has a lengthy history in the idol business. She made her first DVD way back in 2002.

Palau is simply a world class resort. Thought not widely known, it attracts thousands of scuba enthusiasts eager to dive the crystal clear seas and meet the friendly sea life. The DVD was produced by ENTERBRAIN/TBS/N-THEATER who assembled a crew and flew them to Palau to shoot this breathtaking video.


There’s a lot to look at. The scenery is awesome.

The underwater scenes are gorgeous. And when Emi is posing seductively or even playfully, she looks great.


As the video opens we are amazed by the rich color of the sea, the clarity of the air, and the superb white beaches. You won’t see anyone else on the beach and there’s no high rise hotels jutting into view and altering the natural beauty of the landscape.


The director has done a great job in framing and composing his shots in the first half of the video. These are mostly Emi at play. She takes full advantage of the beauty of the island, and we the viewers are able to enjoy both the model and the scenery.


I particularly enjoyed the underwater footage. and I say this enthusiastically. The fish flocked around Emi when she began to feed them. This exhibition means that the sea life is unafraid of the human visitors, no doubt due to the friendly circumstances, as well as the lack of predatory behavior on our part.


Also stunning were the kayaking scenes. The lush tropical vegetation and the grand sea caves were something we don’t see on screen very often. The pictures of this will show up further down the page.


Now let’s discuss the model. She’s tall, she’s lean, and she’s quite beautiful. Her bust isn’t as bounteous as we normally find attractive, but hey – who know’s when you’ll get another chance to get a look at Palau.


Emi looks good as she runs toward the camera, she swims well, and when called upon she can produce various looks like wholesome and playful all the way up to sexy, sensuous, and even provocative.


I liked Emi on the beach, and under the low canopy of tropical growth. I thought the director let us down in the shower scene as Emi spent entirely too much time shooting water at the camera with the hand held shower nozzle.


I also wasn’t enamoured of the red light tinted scene.


But you will love watching Emi as she interacts with the locals at the ice-cream parlor and when she discusses woodcarving technique with a local artisan. 232526EmiPalauquad03

There’s an obligatory massage scene, and yes, we have the requisite underwater shots in the hotel pool.

I also liked the closing sunset scene. You might have figured that out for yourself – geez, I uploaded three images from the sunset scene.

This should be a mandatory or requisite item for all idol videos shot in the tropics.

There’s no new techniques on display, and the model will never be called voluptuous; but in my view this is a very well made and successful DVD. For a nice time with Emi Kobayashi, and a terrific look at Palau – this DVD is just the right ticket. The score is three point five.