Miyabi Isshiki – Good To Go

4.50Miyabi Isshiki – Good To Go! (April 4, 2008)
Catalog # TSDV-41172
50 Minutes – Region 2 Disc – 4:3 Standard Format


The Skinny: A wonderful woman to watch. The lush bosom is fascinating, the playfulness of the model is exhilarating, but the video itself has less than stellar direction. Nevertheless, Miyabi Isshiki in Good to Go! from Takeshobo is a must see.


The opening chapter is on the beach. The sky is overcast. As Miyabi comes up close, we no longer hear the sounds of the ocean. So for 8 minutes we have music overdubbed; and though the music is superb, you will wish for some natural sounds. While I can assure that you will love watching this woman on the beach, the scene ran too long. This might have so much better with a rich blue sky…but what can you do? Mother Nature sets her own schedule.



Scene two is st in a bedroom. Again there’s no natural sounds, and again we are faced with looking at a bust to die for while the direction is unimaginative. Miyabi looks sensational as she wears a bra and panties set that has white polka dots on a black background, with white lace and trimmed with pink ribbons. The director might have chosen to close the blinds or drapes as the light entering from the window creates a dull and uninteresting “whited-out” background.


The third chapter has Miyabi rigged up in black. She mostly poses on an open staircase. The wall behind her is white, and again, the scene suffers from the concentrated over brightness and the lack of contrasting colors. But they do manage to spend a lot of time conveying visually just how busty Miyabi is.


Four begins with Miyabi on a swing on a deck. She wears a deeply cut top and shows a rich amount of cleavage. They switch to a parked tuk-tuk which is sort of a scooter with enough seating for two or three people behind and most often scene in Thailand. The scene also includes some interview questions – Yes! Miyabi speaks! And there’s also a brief moment where Miyabi jumps and her left breast completely escapes the top. Must have been planned as she has on a pastie to cover her nipple.


A bathtub scene is the next entry on the menu. Sadly this scene is a complete waste as the camera spends a good amount of time below the surface of the water. But a bathtub isn’t that big,  so for much of the time we are far too close and looking at her midriff. If you want to shoot underwater, why not use the swimming pool? Tsk, tsk.


OK. If you go back up the page to review the cover image, you’ll know what Miyabi wears in the next scene. I think they got carried away with that pink scarf because too much of the time, the scarf conceals much of the boobage. Oh the scene isn’t exactly ruined, but they should have thought this through before editing.


Back to the beach is the following scene. Miyabi wears a fishnet top over her bikini which at times is pink, and at other times looks orange. While we again have issues with the dull sky – they do an excellent job here with variations of angles, intelligent pacing, plus some nice dissolves instead of straight cuts. They’ve also employed strategic use of slow motion.


We are now at the 54 minutes and 30 seconds mark. There’s just about 15 and a half minutes left. What a pleasure it is to watch Miyabi. She just about defines the world voluptuous. While Fuko may have bigger boobs, her overall package cannot compare to Miyabi’s.


Back to the bedroom. The next and last scene of the main chapters takes place with Miyabi in bed. In fact much of the scene finds the camera beneath the sheets. For the first minute and change we see neither Miyabi’s breasts nor her face. The camera focuses on her butt.


Eventually the director works his way up and now Miyabi officially ‘wakes-up’. The plan for this scene is to combine Miyabi’s demureness and counterpoint it with her massive boobs. She will remove her top beneath the sheets, then apply some oil to breasts so they glisten. She’ll keep her arm strategically placed so we see an awful lot of cleavage. Fade out.


There follows a bonus scene consisting of an interview cum questionnaire. Miyabi wears jeans and a colorful long sleeved tee shirt that reads BOMB. She’s seated throughout.


She writes answers on a paper, and answers questions verbally. She’s somewhat shy, and often conceals her less then perfect teeth with her hand. Fortunately for us, she is not shy about showing off her body. And that’s it.


Summary: The tuk-tuk hints that this might be Thailand, and the bridge visible in the distance leads me to believe that Miyabi was near the northern most part of Phuket. Of course I have no other visual clues or stated thanks in the credits, so I cannot pin-point the location for you.


What I can tell you is that if busty bikini idols are to your liking, then this is one of the top three models working in the Gravure Idol industry today. Miyabi is certainly in the same class as Yoko Matsugane and Nonami Takizawa as the reigning queens.


While this DVD is flawed – there’s not nearly enough color in it. The lack of color or contrasting colors means that some scenes are overly white or just plain drab.


But when you factor in the absolutely unbelievable body that Miyabi has been blessed with, along with the excellent music, and the interesting dissolves and slow motion; the negatives are outweighed by the positives.


Thanks to reader Argyle for sending me the last 4 images in this review. I’ll rank this one at four point five, and despite my pickiness about some of the things I didn’t like, I’ll offer my suggestion that this is a must-see DVD. Retail outlets to buy this DVD are below.



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